Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On to Releases!

We have finished the Carroll County Wills and have just begun working on Releases. There are two types of releases:  Guardian (a minor who reaches the age of maturity "releases" his guardian and receives his inheritance; Regular (adult(s) acknowledge that they have received the money bequeathed to them, thus "releasing" their claim on the decedent's estate.

These are challenging documents to prep! Sometimes it's straightforward, but often it's confusing. We now  read the sometimes-beautiful, sometimes-awful, handwriting of the clerks to extract the correct name(s) from these documents. There can be multiple persons named and a lot of legalize to wade through. But, it's an amazing education and a fascinating group of records to review.

These releases can be just a short paragraph or two, or longer documents on large pages, folded almost like origami. These documents were created in 1860 and 1865!

We welcome you to join us and you, too, can experience the joy of working with documents such as these!
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