Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three Months and Going Strong!

Our first three months of document preparation have been most successful. There are 17 record series for Carroll County, and we have finished 6! Our recent series were "Releases," "Orders" and "Notices to Creditors."

Preparing these records, one by one, is most interesting because you never know what you will find. One early 1900's "Release" named the brother of the decedent as well as his residence in a small village in Poland. Anyone who has tried to find an ancestral village in the "home country" knows how challenging this can be. Someday, a researcher will jump for joy when he/she finds this document.

The importance of having these records digitized becomes more compelling with each record series that we complete. Not only will researchers have instant access, but records will be preserved. Here is an example of the damage that can be done by a bookworm. This is why we are working to preserve documents!

Please join us! Our need for volunteers continues. Send an email to The work is rewarding and the companionship of like-minded volunteers is stimulating. One of our volunteers has worked on several records relating to his Carroll County ancestors. There may be a surprise waiting for you!

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